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DMS Air – Smart Thermostat Specialists in McKinney

Technology is a wonderful thing. Many aspects of civilized life have been made easier by advances in technology, allowing us to enjoy life more while still accomplishing necessary tasks. With each step forward, life is made easier, allowing us to innovate in other areas and share our discoveries with one another. One such technology is smart thermostats.

At DMS Air, we love to stay on top of technological advances. Let one of our Heating and AC Repair Specialists help you install a smart thermostat in your house today so you can begin to enjoy this wonderful, money-saving technology. In an era where sticking to your budget is key, as well as having an environmentally-friendly mindset, smart thermostats are a wonderful solution for any homeowner.

Here are the top five reasons to install a smart thermostat…

1. Smart Thermostats Save Energy

Unlike a traditional thermostat, smart thermostats only operate when you are home or are about to return home. This eliminates unnecessary cooling when no one is in the house. These thermostats are also able to more accurately determine current temperature, desired temperature, and the amount of HVAC resources necessary to achieve the difference. A smart thermostat can also be programmed to maintain a certain temperature when people are absent.

Heating and AC Repair Specialists can help you save between $131 and $145 a year by installing a smart thermostat in your home. These thermostats are able to remember when you turn the temperature up or down, allowing them to predict when you want a temperature adjustment. This means you have to do less work monitoring the temperature in your home. These changes result in a smaller energy bill.

2. Smart Thermostats Save Money

A smaller energy bill means you pay less for your air conditioning or heating. The smart thermostat takes the guesswork out of adjusting the temperature in your home. Also, you won’t have to leave the house and wonder if you remembered to turn the temperature up or down. Now about that oven!

Heating and cooling costs can make up approximately 50% of a home’s overall energy costs. The Heating and AC Repair Specialists at DMS Air can install a smart thermostat that will pay for itself within its first year of use in your home.

3. Smart Thermostats Increase Comfort

When you decide to install a smart thermostat, you are no longer working alone to obtain the perfect level of comfort. A smart thermostat can interact with other devices in the home to raise comfort levels. Air filtration products, humidifiers, and de-humidifiers can all be used in tandem with your smart thermostat.

4. Smart Thermostats Are Accessible

You can access your smart thermostat from anywhere. Let our Heating and AC Repair Specialists show you how easy it is to view your smart thermostat settings remotely! Any device, such as a tablet or cell-phone, can access thermostat settings.

You can also set up alerts and reminders using your smart thermostat. Never forget a quarterly maintenance again! Program an alert to go off when your filter is in need of a change. You can access your system from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal…which is almost everywhere!

5. Smart Thermostats Are User-Friendly

Digital read outs help you understand how much energy you are using per billing cycle or per year. The screen designs are specifically created with the user in mind, for ease of access. Our Heating and AC Repair Specialists can show you how to use the companion app for your smart thermostat, as well. If you are heading out on a trip, you can program your smart thermostat to go into “vacation mode”.

It is Time to Embrace Smart Thermostats

It is easy to look at a new technology sometimes and wonder if it is really necessary. The same thought crossed the minds of homeowners everywhere when mercury-based thermostats were being traded out for digital ones. Only by looking forward can we continue to improve the world around us. Smart thermostats offer greater efficiency, wider user access, and the ability to keep comfortable while caring for the environment.

Let DMS Air Upgrade and Install Your Smart Thermostat Today

The sooner you install your smart thermostat, the sooner you will be saving on energy costs and electric bills. Let the Heating and AC Repair Specialists at DMS Air help you select the perfect smart thermostat for your home. The ease-of-use and efficiency of this product will soon have you wondering why you waited so long to make the change!