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HVAC system basicsComfortable living is a relative setting when it comes to the “perfect” temperature in our homes. We often take for granted the hard-working benefits that our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems provide on a daily basis for regulating temperature and air quality in our homes. When they stop working, it’s a quick reminder of much we depend upon these hidden machines to keep our families comfortable. Here are some residential HVAC basics to help you gain a better, general understanding of how they work. If you are looking to purchase a new heating or cooling system, or need an existing one repaired, be sure to give DMS Air a call.

HVAC Heating Systems Basics

Heating systems are pretty basic on the surface. They use either hot air, steam, or water to heat your home. These elements are warmed by solid fuels, liquid fuels, or gas. In the McKinney area, most systems run on natural gas. The heat is then pushed through either radiators or a duct system to get to different rooms of your home.  In more advanced systems, you can even choose which rooms are heated and at what level through a variety of controls like thermostats or valves. These are often referred to as zones.

Cooling Systems

Cooling systems work by cooling a fluid in a compressor located in an outdoor AC unit. Once cooled, the fluid is drawn into your internal unit. Once there, it lowers the temperature of your air by exposing it to cooling coils. The cool air is blown through your house, while the now warmer liquid travels back outside to be re-regulated, and cycled back into your compressor for cooling again.

Air Quality Systems

HVAC systems can use a number of things to improve your home or business’ air quality. The first we will cover are humidity control systems. Humidity control systems help you regulate how humid or dry your home is, by either adding moisture or by removing it. As an added benefit to controlling your own comfort, these kinds of systems can help wood furniture and flooring in your home from cracking due to seasonal changes.

Air purification HVAC systems on the other hand remove (or destroy) contaminates like mold, dust, pet dander, or even odors in your home. They come in a variety of qualities, and need to be cleaned occasionally in order to be effective.

While your home or business has natural means for ventilation, sometimes they are not enough. Newer homes in McKinney are “tighly” closed due to construction practices, and this restricts natural air flow. Fans and open windows can only do so much. That is why we install ventilation HVAC systems. Ventilation HVAC systems help improve air quality by mechanically bringing in air from the outside on a regular basis. As a result, this fresh air dilutes potentially contaminated air in your rooms, helping you breathe easier and healthier.

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As we said in the introduction, these are just the basics when it comes to your residential HVAC system. When you get deeper into it HVAC systems — dampeners, thermostats, heat pumps, and more help you control your structure’s livability. Our technicians at DMS Air are incredibly knowledgeable about what goes into HVAC systems, both from an installation and repair standpoint. Call today for a consultation. We want to hear from you!