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Why is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

Your air conditioning is a lifesaver during the summer. Having it running properly during the hot months is essential and you should be prepared if anything goes wrong so you can avoid sweating in a hot house. An indicator that your A/C is broken or that there is another problem associated with your unit is that it continually runs.

A Few Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Running

There are a number of reasons that explain why your air conditioner system could be constantly running. Sometimes it can signal that there’s something directly wrong with your air conditioning system. Other times it’s indicative of other problems in your home. Here are just a few reasons your air conditioner may be running non-stop.

Your unit might not be the size or was installed wrong.

An A/C unit that’s the correct size should run fairly consistently to keep the desired temperature constant. Systems like this one should perform at their best when at full tilt. Air conditioners that are too small will work harder to produce air to cool down the whole house. The continuous running will cause the unit to degrade more quickly. A system that is too big will use more electricity and keep the air moist. Many air conditioning problems can be solved if the unit in place is the right size and installed properly.

  1. Your air filter may need replacing. Often times people forget to change their air filters which result in poor air flow. Bad air flow means that your system won’t be able to produce the cold air you need, making it run more throughout hot summer days. It’s recommended that you clean or replace the air filter about once a month. Not only does this help your system run more efficiently, but it can help reduce allergies from dirty air in your home.
  2. Your air coils could be covered in dirt and grime. Dirt, mud, grass, and pet hair can not only get stuck in the air filter but it can get stuck on the air coils as well. It also results in less air flow meaning that performance will diminish. Diminished performance means that your unit will have to work harder and more constant to cool your house.
  3. Poor insulation and air leaks because your home isn’t properly sealed. If your home isn’t fully closed and airtight then you may be losing the cold air your air conditioner unit produces. Your home will never reach your desired temperature if it’s losing air this way. Insulating and sealing your house helps improve your air conditioner systems efficiency.
  4. Your air conditioning unit is at the end of its life. Just like everything else, air conditioners have expiration dates. If your air conditioning unit is running constantly and straining to cool your house, it might be close to its end and needs replacing.

The Bottom Line

When your air conditioning unit isn’t performing the way it should be, you may be experiencing a variety of problems. There are a few methods homeowners can try to fix certain problems but, a lot of the time, attempting to fix it on your own can lead to more problems. For those looking for an expert’s advice when their A/C system is constantly running, DMS Air can perform maintenance to fix all of your problems. Call your local HVAC contractor today before the Texas heat makes your life miserable.