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Your air conditioning system is an absolute blessing, keeping you and your family safe and comfortable cool and refreshed during the hot summer months.

In fact, it runs so smoothly that you almost forget it’s even there. Quietly keeping pace with the rising and falling temperatures without making more than a consistent hum of the fan for a noise.

But what if your AC starts making noises it never did before? Or starts to sound like a freight train every time it fires up. That can’t be good right?

Read on to learn more about what those noises might indicate, and whether or not you may be in need of air conditioning services in the near future.

Sounds of Normal Air Conditioning Operation

If you hear any of the below sounds, you are not in need of professional air conditioning services, and all is well with your system.

1. Start-up Noises
Some noise when your AC system “kicks on” is to be expected, and is entirely normal. This noise may sound like a clicking sound, followed by what sounds like an airplane engine firing up and spinning its thrusters for takeoff.

2. Blowing Sounds
You may notice a sound of wind through the air of your rooms. Depending on your fan strength and settings this may be barely noticeable, or moderately apparent when on “high”. Typically this noise should be “background” noise and not particularly noticeable.

3. Turning Off
Similar to when you turn your unit on, turning it off is likely to make some noises as well. Generally you may hear clicking again, and a winding down of that airplane engine noise we mentioned earlier until the system comes to a standstill.

5 AC Noises you Should NEVER Ignore

1. Bubbling or Hissing

This one isn’t good folks. If you hear bubbling or hissing this may be an indication of a refrigerant leak. These leaks often stem from the evaporator coil and require professional air conditioning services, inspection and repair to get under control.

Refrigerant is an essential component of your AC unit, and without it, your system will not properly cool your home. Further, refrigerant is toxic and can be a danger to the inhabitants of your home, including pets.

Common Causes of Refrigerant Leaks Include:

• Damaged lines
• Leaking AC coil
• Leaking Schrader valve
• Rusted filter dryer
• Holes in the capillary tube
• Faulty flare connections
• And more…

If you think you have a leak, call us for professional or emergency air conditioning services today!

2. Loud Buzzing

Loud buzzing sounds or vibrating noises coming from your AC or HVAC unit can be an indication of electrical issues and are best inspected by air condition service professionals. Give us a call and we’ll get a technician out to you ASAP.

Common Electrical Components that can Have Issues Include:

• AC Condenser / Fan Motor: if your air conditioner is still blowing air but the outside fan isn’t running, you may have an issue with the condenser fan motor. This fan is responsible for pulling air and removing heat from the coils. Without it, your unit will not work correctly.

• Circuit Breaker: these are electrical switches that protect a circuit from electrical damages. In some cases your AC can trigger the breaker if it pulls in more amps than the breaker is capable of handling. Some common causes of tripping the breaker include dirty filters, debris, a short in the motor, compressor issues, or problems with the breaker itself.

• Relay Switch: relay switches turn on motors and compressors and is generally controlled by the thermostat.

• Loose Wiring: damaged, loose or frayed wires can not only cause your system to malfunction, they can also be a fire hazard. Never deal with electricity on your own and always call an air conditioning service professional (like us) to safely get your system back in order.

3. Screeching or Screaming Noise

If your AC or HVAC system sounds like its screaming bloody murder, that’s not a good sign. Not only is this an unpleasant thing to deal with, your system could be damaging itself further every time it fires up. We suggest calling an air conditioning services professional like us ASAP. Addressing problems early on can often save you big in the long run.

Typical Causes:
• Loose, worn or damaged belts
• Fan motor damage
• Compressor failure

4. Bump in the Night

Thumping, rattling or banging noises are typically an indication of blower assembly or motor issues (not monsters in your basement). In some cases, motor mounts can work themselves loose, causing ruckus every time your system fires up. Other issues might include unaligned blowers. If you notice the noise increases when you turn the system on or up, we suggest getting an air conditioner service tech out to look at the unit before continuing use.

5. Clicking Noises

A little clicking when turning your air conditioner on or off is expected. But if your system makes a continual clicking sound you may have a compromised, damaged or defective relay or other electrical component. Given that electricity is a dangerous thing, you should always leave electrical inspections to the air conditioning service pros.

Air Conditioning Services you can Count on

Our professional technicians have combined decades of experience helping home and business owners just like yourself keep their employees, families and pets cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. We’ve built a reputation on providing fast, efficient, professional and budget friendly air conditioning services. Give us a call today to learn more. You won’t be disappointed.