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What to expect in a free estimate and the questions you should ask.

Your HVAC heating and AC units are the heart of your home’s systems, providing the warmth and cooling necessary to maintain a comfortable and healthy living environment. But like any system, they can (and sometimes do) break down.

One of the first steps when considering AC Service Maintenance is to get free service estimates from qualified providers. Not all contractors offer these and some may even charge for the simple house visit, so be sure to ask ahead of time.

DMS Air believes in helping and serving the community we live and work in, and we always provide free service estimates to all our prospective customers.

What to Ask When Getting Free Service Estimates

Question 1: Are you Licensed?

The answer to this question should be a quick “yes”. If they hesitate, move on. Working with an unlicensed contractor is a recipe for disaster, ranging in consequences from building code violations to insurance failing to pay for claims, and even damage to your home or appliances.

Proper licensing ensures that the technician has been properly trained and is also aware of and able to abide by state and local building codes. A company’s website should have all the licenses clearly listed with its level and expiration date. In addition, a quick search through the local Licensing board should indicate whether this company is in good standing with its licensing.

For reference, DMS Air is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We keep all certifications and licenses up to date and have a proven track record of successful outcomes working within the community.

Question 2: What’s your experience?

The answer you’re looking here is twofold. One, you want to know how many years of experience they have in the field, as well as any certifications or training that might be relevant.

You also want to establish if they have specific experience working with the type and/or brand of AC unit or HVAC system in your home or business.

At DMS Air we run into a LOT of AC units that have been improperly installed by other technicians, leading to higher energy costs (sometimes as much as 20% or higher).

Different techniques are needed depending on the decade, model, and brand of the HVAC unit. A technician with experience will have a lower chance of making a mistake during the installation process. Thus, saving you money.

Rest assured that all of our HVAC and AC technicians are highly trained on a wide range of makes, models and setups, and we have the know-how to properly deal with virtually any system on the market today.

Question 3: What’s the Price?

Everyone has a budget, and at DMS Air we respect that. Our technicians will be clear and transparent regarding pricing so there won’t be any surprises.

Keep in mind that prices coming in too low may signal trouble and cutting corners in order to make up for the price. On the other hand, if a company’s price is well above the median or average, then ask them in what ways they are different from the competition and exactly what you are getting as part of the quote.

Question 4: What’s Included in the Quote?

When it comes to quotes, what’s not stated is often just as important as what isn’t. For example, a quote should dictate whether it is replacing old parts such as fittings, pipes, valves, connectors, etc., or simply cleaning up and maintaining the old ones.

Replacing parts can help ensure the health of the system and prevent early failure or additional repair work down the road, but it may also be costlier. Overall, a quote should state in DETAIL, everything that will be used to complete the project. This includes parts, permits, labor, and disposal. This is a written agreement and should also contain a guarantee and warranty information.

On the topic of warranties, does your current system still have one? Ask your technician about your warranty and they may be able to do repairs within the terms stated. Or provide you with a new one altogether.

Question 5: What do your customers have to say about you?

A company should be able to provide references of satisfied customers who have used their work before. If not, this could be a sign you should run in the other direction.

Google can other sources can be just as good of a resource when checking for customer satisfaction ratings. Make sure to read the comments as they are more important than pure star score.

At DMS Air we’re proud to say that we’ve amassed countless numbers of satisfied customers over the years and would be happy to point you to unbiased reviews or provide references upon request.

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