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Top 5 Family Fun Activities to Do in McKinney, TX

 While it might not be the best-known city in the state of Texas, McKinney has quite a bit to offer both residents and visitors alike. Home to hands-on, natural history museums, and a handful of community parks and trails, there’s plenty of things around town for you and your family to enjoy together.

1.Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

 This museum and sanctuary aren’t located in the heart of downtown McKinney, but they aren’t far either. Founded by Bessie Heard in 1967, this location consists of a 289-acre wildlife sanctuary and natural science museum that serves the purpose of educating children on everything there is to know about nature and animals. The main goal is to teach children and families about conservation and preservation through a hands-on day of educational activities, all surrounding the fun that comes along with nature and its conservation.

 2. Gabe Nesbitt Community Park

 This community park is located just off W. Eldorado Pkwy., and it has more fun than you could imagine, all in one spot! The park is home to an apex center, baseball and softball fields, a jogging track, PSA Arena, skate park, tennis complex, open spaces for running around and playing, and even its own library, the John and Judy Gay Library. This is an excellent option for family fun on a day off. Whether it is to watch a game, run around in the open area, or skate around at the skate park, you’ll have loads of fun with your family here.

 3. Geocaching

Geocaching is the perfect thing to do for a little family fun, and the best part about it is that you can do it anywhere. Geocaching is essentially an outdoor scavenger hunt that you and your family can participate in. The goal is the find hidden containers out and about, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS. Most of McKinney’s geocaching opportunities are located in the Historic Downtown district. To get started, visit www.geocaching.com.

 4. Roy & Helen Hall Memorial Library

 Also located in McKinney’s Historic Downtown district, The Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library holds a collection of over 150,000 items. With genres such fiction, nonfiction, reference, and children’s materials, there are plenty of books that you and your family can sift through.

The library also offers access to the Helen Gibbard Hall Genealogy and Local History Area, as well as a Spanish language collection. The library also often hosts events, workshops, and classes for you and your family to enjoy together. If you’re interested just check out the Library Calendar on their website.

5. The Heard-Craig Center for the Arts

One of the top 5 family fun activities to do in McKinney, TX is visiting the Heard-Craig Center for the ArtsThis house was built in 1900, and is one of the most successfully preserved historic houses in Northern Texas. The house is surrounded by beautiful Victorian gardens, and is also home to a number of collected items inside. Some of the collection includes hand-painted china, glassware, Victorian furniture, Asian art and artifacts, as well as a textile collection. You can take a visit to the house, as well as a tour, and a private tea for only $10.