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What Temperature Should You Set Your Thermostat at while Gone for the Holidays?

Gone for the holidays? Residents should refrain from drastically raising or lowering temperature as they accommodate the outside weather as it could lead to further complications. At DMS Air, we have provided the ideal temperature for those winter and summer vacations in addition to money saving tips!

Winter Vacation

Residents are tempted to completely shut off their cooling and heating units which will make it extremely difficult for their system to heat their home. Residents are under the impression that they will be saving money if they shut down their system completely. Actually, residents will notice a significant increase in their energy bill as their system is forced to overcompensate for the time being shut off. At DMS Air, we encourage residents to lower their unit four degrees below their normal temperature range. For example, if their home is normally set at a comfortable 72, they would set their temperature to 68 degrees while on vacation. Or, if the temperature is normally 76 degrees, residents are encouraged to leave set their temperature to 72 degrees and so forth. If residents have a gas furnace, they can lower their temperature even lower since it will take less effort to heat the home. A respectable drop in temperature would be six to eight degrees. Residents who have their home normally at 72, can lower their home to 66 degrees to 64 degrees at most.

 Summer Vacation

In contrast to the warmer time of year, residents are encouraged to add four degrees to their normal temperature. For example, if their home is normally set at 72 degrees, then residents are encouraged to raise it to 78 degrees. If their home is normally at 75 degrees than they would raise it to 79 degrees and so forth. We encourage our clients and residents to be cautious when they raise the temperature at DMS Air. Residents who raise their temperature too high may see a similar increase in their energy bill. The precaution transfers beyond the energy bill. If the temperature is too high, it can quickly become hot and humid in the home which can affect the structure such as the walls. In addition, exclusive humidity could lead to mildew in the home which could then lead to further problems.

Replace the Thermostat

Residents are under the impression that by raising the temperature to a certain degree or lowering it past a certain point, they will be saving money. We encourage you to speak with one of our licensed professionals at DMS Air. To save money in the future, we recommend upgrading your thermostat. Innovative thermostats allow owners to adjust the temperature using their smartphone prior to their arrival at home. This gives your unit the appropriate time to warm up or cool down. There are options available that do not require a smartphone but can be set on the thermostat itself.