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Why Your Furnace has a Strange Smell

The following message has been approved by the licensed professionals at DMS Air: Residents of Southern California, brace yourselves, winter is coming! Granted, residents will not experience blistering conditions as those in Winterfell. However, as soon as the temperature drops, the heat will rise. As a savory blend of cinnamon and cumin fill the kitchen, residents should not neglect the following odors released by their furnace as it indicates complications.

Dust Burning

 Residents are familiar with the stench of spoiled eggs indicating a problem. In fact, residents will report an issue with their furnace due to a dust burning odor which is actually common. Residents that are turning their furnace on for the first time will encounter the odor as it the heating appliance is actually burning dust and dirt that has accumulated. The smell should pass within a couple of hours. If the odor does not decapitate, residents are encouraged to ensure their filter is clean and up to date or replace it. If the odor continues to linger, residents are encouraged to contact their licensed professionals at DMS Air.

Spoiled Eggs

 Furnaces utilize natural gas which is efficient, colorless and odorless. Gas companies add a harmless chemical called mercaptan which will give natural gas a distinctive stench such as spoiled eggs. The unsettling stench will notify residents and technicians there is a problem. Residents can double check the expiration on a date on their carton of eggs, but if the stench is coming from their furnace, there are precautions to take. First, turn off all the gas appliances in their home as the unsettling stench could be an indication of a gas leak. Next, residents are encouraged to open doors and windows to release the gas and contact the licensed professionals with gas leak experience at DMS Air.

Dynamic Duo

 Residents have a tendency to overcompensate by lowering or raising their temperature in the home to accommodate the weather conditions outside. The heating and cooling equipment within a home operate harmoniously which can be disrupted by overcompensating. Cooling systems can cause condensation build up which allows moisture to manifest in air ducts producing mold. As the mold continues to produce, the unpleasant odor will begin to secrete as soon as residents turn on their cooling or heating system. Residents are encouraged to contact their licensed professionals at DMS Air as we will send a technician to perform an indoor air quality analysis. After the analysis is conducted, our technicians will provide you with imperative information on how to get rid of the odor. In addition, we will provide prevention tips.

Electrical Burn

 An electrical or burning odor can indicate a number of problems and should be not be neglected. If these fumes are secreting from your furnace, it can be an indication that the heating appliance is overheating or faulty wires. Residents are encouraged to shut off their gas appliances before they call their licensed professionals at DMS Air to provide a diagnosis.