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Winter is here and with the cold weather comes the coughs, chills, and upset stomachs. It’s an unpleasant time for many as it seems inevitable that you’ll catch something. But, there are ways to ensure that you’re not affected by any bug in the air this season.

While you may think that you get sick from the outside world, the culprits often sneak into your home and infect you when you think you’re safe. There are many factors that make your home a likely place to catch a cold or the flu, but there is only one way to prevent it and that’s making sure your air is clean. The following tips are how to keep a clean house and get clean air during flu season.

A Couple of Simple Methods

 A few of the likely places that germs are lurking are in your kitchen and bedroom. You can get sick from not only breathing in these spaces but also touching surfaces in these spaces. It’s important to do these two steps to ensure that you won’t be dealing with a runny nose anytime soon.

  • Clean and Disinfect. You’ve probably heard this a million times before but wash your hands. Washing your hands cleans and disinfects, preventing any germs you may have touched from infecting you while you were in the outside world. When you’re home the same logic can apply but it’s much more effective to clean and disinfect surfaces you touch often.

While cleaning countertops is important, don’t forget to focus on other surfaces that you touch regularly like your television remote, the tablet the whole family uses, and doorknobs. Clean these objects with soap and water before disinfecting them with a disinfectant that has the approved effectiveness in getting rid of influenza A virus.

  • Wash Linens. Washcloths, linens, blankets, and towels have the perfect porous surface for the flu virus to hang out on for several hours. You want to make sure these items are cleaned thoroughly and often during flu season so that you don’t get sick. Wash linens with hot water and have the hot setting on when you tumble dry. Remember to wash your hands after handling them.

 More Effective Ways

 The most effective way to deal with the flu virus is to attack it at its source. Clean the air and you won’t have to worry at all about the flu entering your body. Here are a few effective ways you can ensure that your air is clean for flu season.

  •  Control Humidity. Recent scientific studies have linked low humidity levels to an increase of the flu virus in the air. These studies have shown that when humidity levels are between 40-60% there are fewer flu viruses lingering on surfaces and in the air. You can buy a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your home and you can purchase a humidifier to increase the humidity as needed.


  • Get an Air Purifier. During the winter months, you probably have your heater on high and your windows sealed. While this is a cozy atmosphere, it causes stale air to be recycled which increases the chances of you and your family members getting ill. Getting an air purifier can solve this problem as they circulate air several times every hour, ensuring that the air you’re breathing is clean. They also are effective in eliminating allergens like pollen, dust, and pet dander so your allergies are in check for the cold season as well.


Staying Healthy During Flu Season

 Clean air is the key to staying healthy during the winter season. There are many methods you can do to ensure that your house is properly cleaned during this time. To ensure you’re safe from bacteria and viruses year-round, you can call your local heating and air care business to see if they can install an air purifier or a UV sterilizer so that your air is clean and fresh.

Get an AC system checkup

Even though your AC system may not run much during the Texas winter months, you’d be surprised to know how much dirt accumulates around the coils which make up the heart of your cooling system. When the heating is running, air is still blowing over the coils. Having our expert technicians come out and perform an AC cleaning service on the coils and other parts will prove beneficial.